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Step into a realm of impeccable taste and artistic brilliance with Darren Palmer Collections. As the owner and visionary behind the store, I invite you to explore a harmonious fusion of rugs, captivating artworks, and enticing home fragrances.

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Customer Reviews

I decided on the MASTERSERIES with Darren Palmer and I can’t rave enough about it. I am so glad I took this decision. Money can’t pay for his view and advice. What you get is a video for each module and it helped me connect the dots… So I’ll definitely recommend that.

MASTERSERIES Interior Design Student, Manja El Masri

“Of course there’s a side to him that is urbane, informed and international. That’s what makes his interiors hum. But there’s an understanding too, that good design needn’t cost the earth, and that it comes in many different packages and at every price point. That one foot should always be placed firmly on the ground, albeit on a well-proportioned rug.”

Neale Whitaker

We have used Darren many times for important events and he is always well prepared. He seeks out our key messages and objectives for the event and interlaces them through his presentation seamlessly.

Kitchen Group’s Marketing Director, Tracy Smedley