"Following the huge success of Easy Luxury which made it a best seller, I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book, HomeSPACE.

Here is a sample of 4 double pages you will find in HomeSPACE.

When I’m on the road and I get the pleasure to meet new people there is one question that keeps popping up in discussion. Everyone wants to know what the perfect style is for their home or what trend they should most closely adhere to.

With HomeSPACE, I’d like to show you that there is no one answer, no cookie cutter approach to design where one size fits all.

Whether you are looking for a perfect coffee table book with stunning images of my five most recent projects photographed by Felix Forest, yourelooking for easy styling tips, or more advanced interior design solutions to change the space you have into the home youll love, HomeSPACE has it all. "

HomeSpace shows how interior design can respond to the individual needs of different types of families to make their experience of their living spaces as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Through a selection of family homes, Darren Palmer gives us an insight into their occupants' relationship to their living spaces, providing information as well as solutions to questions we may have about what some of our own design challenges may currently be, or may be in the future. Whether single parents with one child, married couples with kids, older working couples with grown children and grandchildren, middle-aged couples with no kids and no pets - our lives have different demands, and our homes reflect this, in every way. Each family group will have a different set of needs and challenges; the associated constraints, requirements and solutions resulting in specially designed spaces that are as individual as all the people living within them.

Darren's book demonstrates in engaging, information-filled text and stunning photography that we can draw inspiration and practical solutions from the way different families have tailored various interior design elements - storage, lighting, furniture, materials, larger and smaller spaces - to their unique brief. In HomeSpace, we'll find out what makes people happy and fulfilled through the homes they have created, homes that work to support the family in their lives.