Interview with The Style Podcast

Interview with The Style Podcast


Darren Palmer toyed with being an Architect, studied graphic design, opened his own business.. and then became an Interior Designer after an encounter in the Hamptons.

If life is a journey not a destination then Darren Palmer is the poster boy for not making plans. In this interview Darren is honest and open about what drives him, what scares him, and how the love of his life gave him the self-belief to tackle unplanned opportunities. Darren reveals a lot about himself and you’ll meet someone who is probably a different man, and a different celebrity, from who you think he is.

Darren Palmer: Full of Surprises

The interview was full of surprises, starting with the fact that Darren didn’t study interior design. He was a contestant on a home renovation show (yes, he was) and the first room he ever decorated was featured in Belle magazine. As someone with a ‘good eye’ Darren’s graphic design background would help but, as we discussed, Darren wanted to be a Architect… before he realised it would be six years before he could earn any money. Good point.

But there were other surprises too; like Darren’s self-doubt. As someone with an incredible profile and a stunning body of work, listeners to the interview will be surprised to hear Darren talk about what it feels like to take on a new project. He has self-doubt just like everyone else. And whilst he wears a ‘facade of elegance’ when he leaves the house, he’s happy to relax in trakky-daks and ugg boots in private. How refreshingly honest. It’s a very likeable trait and not what you’d expect from someone who designs beautiful spaces for  a living.

Then there’s Darren’s work designing rugs and being an Ambassador for Carpet Court, and a celebrity Ambassador for Audi and Nespresso. We talked about how it feels to be the face of a brand that’s not him. It’s all revealed in the interview.

We then discussed current and future trends, which was very interesting and we joked about future contestants on ‘The Block’ having a head start on how to impress Darren Palmer by listening to our interview. We also talked about his role as a judge of other people’s work and how he approaches that.

Darren Palmer is talented, bright, funny and accomplished.. and he’s still just a regular guy.

Darren’s latest book is ‘Easy Luxury’ (Murdoch Books)

which aims to help you create the perfect home for you using his expert advice.

Buy Now, on-line or in great book stores.

Beautiful Images from Darren Palmer’s ‘Easy Luxury’ (Murdoch Books)

Being an Ambassador


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