Darren Palmer: How to design the ultimate master suite

Darren Palmer: How to design the ultimate master suite

Several rooms in Australian homes have become elevated in their importance, attention and appeal in recent years.

The kitchen and bathroom are clear leaders in the value-adding stakes but the main bedroom is nipping at their heels in terms of adding the luxury design feel that we desire more and more from our homes.

A great main bedroom starts with functionality. What do you need it to do? The obvious tasks are giving you a place to sleep, somewhere to store your threads and an opportunity to express your personal style in a way that can appeal to you without considering what visitors might think. Expanding on those things is where the magic is.

Jen Hawkins' bedroom designed by Darren Palmer.Jen Hawkins’ bedroom designed by Darren Palmer. Photo: Felix Forest

Your bed is a statement piece. The mattress is obviously important and you need to be sure you find the right firmness and feel for your, and your partner’s, perfect rest.

The bed itself is an opportunity for design and interest; from upholstered bedheads to bed frames to four-poster styles, there are myriad choices that will reflect your desired look and feel. The bed can often be the starting point for your scheme, so be sure to put in the time to find the right fit for you.

Bed linen plays a huge part. Layering colour, texture, scale and pattern is the key. Look at using a contrasting colour for the fitted and flat sheets. Couple to that the bed cover choice and your standard and euro pillow cases and you have the building blocks of a well-made bed. The real interest generally comes from decorative cushions and throws.

Jen Hawkins' bedroom designed by Darren Palmer.Jen Hawkins’ bedroom designed by Darren Palmer. Photo: Felix Forest

You should consider having different looks. Myer allows you to buy and try products and return (undamaged) within 30 days if something doesn’t quite work.

My range exclusive to Myer has plenty of decorative bed cushions and you can mix and match these as the range all works well together.

Your bed gets its finishing flourish from the bedside table and lighting choices you make. Complementing the bed is one approach, but a different style can look great too, such as pairing a contemporary bed with an Oriental or African inspired bedside table. Take care that the contrasting styles and materials still work as part of your overall scheme.

Lighting can be a statement lamp, a pendant light or a wall sconce, the latter being a current trend favourite.

Your wardrobe is another opportunity to upsize your bedroom impact. Full height doors and luxurious finishes are a great place to start. Pull down hangers, trouser rails, shoe racks, internal lighting and velvet lined storage boxes all heap interest and luxury appeal.

Floor and wall finishes play an important part. Look at luxury cues such as wall-to- wall drapery that flows from ceiling to floor. Wallpapers or upholstered walls can add a luxury look to your room. Also think about what you want your feet to touch when you tumble out of bed in the morning – timber underfoot or a rug or plush carpet.

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