Kitchen Fashions in 2016

Happy New Year and welcome to 2016! During the festive break, I took some time out to look at the biggest trends in kitchen design this year. And I have to say, I’m pretty excited about what’s heading our way – this year really is the year of accessorising!

We can expect to see home owners and renovators having a whole lot of fun with their kitchen designs this year, and here are my five top tips to an on-trend kitchen in 2016.


Like fashion, personalisation is the current buzz word for home owners, with kitchens providing the perfect blank canvas to create a unique space with personal touches.

The trend of personalisation is good news for the often perceived ‘boring’ white kitchen with its versatility proving its best asset. Contrasting benchtops, gorgeous handles or floating shelving are simple ways to show off your creative flair!

Personalisation in kitchens

Handles as Jewellery

Handles used to be clumsy and functional which led them to be used as a cheap option. They are now back in vogue in a big way thanks to the release of some really exciting handle designs, like those from Freedom Kitchens.

Decorative effects and finishes like copper, brass, gold, black, white and timber are available in all shapes and sizes and present a brilliant way to add some excitement into your kitchen design.

Handles as jewellery

Benchtops as Art

Benchtops continue to evolve, with natural-look benchtops dominating the scene. Caesarstone has released fantastic new colours that replicate the natural stone look and feel, adding luxe-luster to everyday kitchens.

Polished concrete is also being replicated to stunning effect, with Caesarstone again adding a number of colours from warm, to cool, and mid-greys.

And don’t forget laminate options — these have come leaps and bounds in recent years and provide economical ways of bringing in natural stone looks as well as realistic and hard wearing timber top finishes.

Benchtops as art

In 2016, we can also expect to see benchtop thickness either wafer thin or super thick, like 12mm thin tops or dramatic slabs up to 150 or 200mm in thickness. These aren’t for the faint-hearted but can look dramatic and substantial especially in textured materials.


Colour backed glass is more or less out of style, replaced by more customisable options like tiles. Tiles provide a wonderful opportunity to bring in pattern, colour, shape and texture. For those preferring a sleek finish, mirrored splashbacks are perfect for contemporary kitchens, with designers favouring silver, charcoal (or smoked) and bronze finishes.


Expressing your Style

We’re seeing more adventurous takes on style in kitchen design, with the Hamptons and Industrial styles front runners for high fashion status.

Another old favourite that’s making a comeback is the retro stylings of the Mad Men era, with curvy appliances and gelato colours coming into kitchens through accessories as well as cabinetry.

Whether it’s the simplicity of the profiles used on panelled door fronts of the Hamptons look or the rustic appeal of timber meets metal of the modern industrial style, adding the right details to the basics is the key.

And remember, that even though your personal style may favour a particular look, be sure that that look will actually suit your home, its style, geographic location and the detailing of your home’s architecture.

Express your style

Have fun with your kitchen design this year! Start gathering inspiration from the Freedom Kitchens image gallery, or download the latest Summer Catalogue. You can also start following Freedom Kitchens on Instagram and Pinterest.

And remember, my best piece of advice is always to call in the professionals to help you finesse your ideas and bring your vision to life! Book a free in-home design consultation with Freedom Kitchens today.

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